A Smart Hostel

The Smart Hostel project is a project with the purpose of helping ColoColo, a new Hostel in San Sebastian, achieve its goal of being superbly smart across its provided experience for guests and operations management experience for employees.


Colo Colo


Business Digitalization Strategy



ColoColo Hostel San Sebastian - The Smart Hostel


There is a particular set of implementations required to produce a truly Smart experience for guests, and employees, in the hospitality sector. From having a scalable, interoperable property management system, to maximizing the value of the operatives' time, and their employee experience, by allowing guests to have a responsible, self service trajectory from booking to check out.

A Smart Experience, Inside & Out.

ColoColo was a start-from-zero project, so we had a lot of room to produce a Business Digitalization Strategy of immense value.

The 'Smart Hostel' project entailed the implementation of a property management system interconnected with OTAs and ERP systems, a self service multi-option smart access implementation for guests, an entertainment tech experience for guests inside their cabin, and last but not least, a self service check in integrated with the local authorities for legal compliance.

The process execution

  • First, we implemented the property management system, we closed a deal with a top notch software provider that set the pace, and environment for all of the integrations we needed for accounting systems to automate transaction data, an integrated channel manager for bookings coming from Airbnb or Booking, and a proper upselling tool to let the marketing team get creative with special offerings for guests to boost their experience even further.
  • Secondly, we added self check-in kiosk so that reception can focus on providing great experiences and guests can take care of their stay without taking time from the on-site operatives.
  • We then proceeded to get the Smart Access integration with a hardware and software provider so that the onsite team could manage the experience of guests during the stay, and produce upsale strategies with local partners through a guest experience management tool. Guests get unique codes to access their belongings but also have the option of open with a button on their phone or even via NFC technology by downloading the digital key application.
  • Last but not least, we implemented in-cabin experiences by installing tablets with entertainment environments set up, and with integrated bluetooth headphones. We managed to keep the tablets from using built-in speakers to keep them from ruining the experience in the sleeping area of the hostel.


ColoColo will open its doors in the first weeks of September. We will personally run tests and update the outcome. Stay tuned ;)

Other work

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