I’m Diego — a tech enthusiast who believes in digital business, economy & security.

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About me

Engineering technological solutions, developing and helping manage digital products is a big passion of mine. Currently, I work at Stayland full time as the Head Of Technology, and experiment with new tech and software architecture at ‘studio twenti uno’ during my free time. I thrive in JavaScript/typescript programming. The tools I love most for building software are JavaScript/TypeScript, React, NextJS, Node, Express, GraphQl, MongoDB and managing projects’ CI/CD with devOps tools/platforms like Netlify, Heroku and Digital Ocean. Also Headless CMS tools like Strapi... I like to consider myself a JAMStack Enthusiast and a full-stack solutions developer.

For the purpose of venturing, I find myself studying the blockchain development and business space to help Stayland and Studio Twenti Uno build room for themselves in the Web3 world.

Simply put, I am a technology enthusiast who is able to find drive and motivation in any tech-driven project. My current goal is to accumulate an amount of rich, diverse experience within the tech industry and become a leader worthy of the twenty-first century.

My lifelong dream is to help solve the energy crisis. I know it sounds crazy and fantastical but, as long as I reach towards that dream, I know I will accomplish some great things along the way, perhaps even see my dream fulfilled. I’m planning on it!

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Head Of Technology

January 2022–Present

Studio Twenti Uno

Founder & CTO

December 2018–Present


Software Architect

May 2021–January 2022


Full Stack Developer

February 2021–May 2021


Full Stack Developer

February 2021–August 2021

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IT Consulting

Business Digitalization Strategy

Digital Infrastructure Auditing

Software Development

Solutions Architecture

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